The iTVManagerT middleware platform and StreamLiner® VOD Server Delivers IPTV services to over 100,000 customers, across three geographic regions

July 11, 2006
Santa Clara and San Mateo, California

Entone, the world's most deployed IPTV VOD solution provider, and Minerva Networks, the leading provider of open, standards-based, carrier-class solutions for the delivery of television services over broadband IP networks, today announced that CEOS has selected Entone's StreamLiner® network video recorders (NVR) and Minerva Network's iTVManagerT for their IPTV deployments in Victoria and Tasmania, Australia, and throughout Thailand. The deployments will support more than 100,000 subscribers and will be implemented through fiber to the home/premises (FTTH/P) supplier, CEOS, via the Collaborative Optical Leading Testbed (COLT) organization. COLT, originally a $15 million project, provides the latest in ultra-broadband services to universities, homes, student dormitories and business and is fully supported by local government entities.

"We needed an open and scalable system that would support our growing pipeline of new customers," stated Jonathan Spring, CEO of CEOS. "After an extensive evaluation process, we selected the Minerva and Entone solution because they are the market leaders in IPTV and offer a solution with the required scalability to support new installations as we expand our client base across Asia Pacific."

Minerva's iTVManager middleware platform provides the necessary tools to manage all key aspects of an IPTV service and fully supports popular features such as Personal Video Recording (PVR), High Definition Television (HDTV) and video on demand (VOD). "An increasing number of telcos worldwide are deploying the iTVManager for its robust feature set and open platform development capabilities," stated Matt Cuson, Vice President of Marketing for Minerva. "We have worked closely with Entone to build an integrated and flexible system that can support the needs of CEOS and their customers."

Entone's StreamLiner NVR is the world's most deployed IPTV VOD solution. StreamLiner provides an open, highly scalable software architecture that transforms standard server hardware from vendors such as HP and IBM into specialized, highperformance video servers that ingest, store and stream on-demand content without the costs, risks, and inflexibility that comes with competing proprietary solutions. "Entone is helping operators worldwide to provide a range of on-demand video services across a variety of network types," stated Ian Jefferson, VP of Business Development for Entone Technologies. "By integrating our field-proven VOD solution with Minerva Network's middleware, we are able to support customers such as CEOS who need to get to market quickly while also having the flexibility to scale quickly with new services and subscriber growth."

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About CEOS

CEOS is a specialist supplier of Fibre to the Home/Premises (FTTH/P) ultra-broadband infrastructure solutions and services. It markets the CEOS-Hitachi ultra-broadband FTTH/P Passive Optical Network (PON) system as the ideal underlying transport technology for the delivery of ultra-broadband multi-media services to homes and to small to medium enterprises. An early success of this work was the implementation of the Collaborative Optical Leading Testbed (COLT), a project providing the latest ultra-broadband services to the university, homes, student dormitories and business centers in the University of Ballarat Technology Park, Victoria. This was followed soon after by TasCOLT and then ThaiCOLT, another two prestigious FTTH/FTTP projects for Tasmania and Thailand respectively.CEOS also develops and manufactures intelligent transport logging systems that it currently sells within Australia, Singapore, Europe and the USA through its sister company CEOS Industrial P/L. For more information about CEOS, go to

About Entone Technologies

Entone is a leading provider of standards-based solutions that uniquely address two revolutionary developments in home entertainment: on-demand television and in-home multimedia networks. The company's proven technology enables content providers to reliably deliver a variety of personal television services, such as video-on-demand (VOD) and network personal video recording (nPVR). Entone's open and highly scalable solutions include a content ingest system, an intelligent asset manager, software-defined video servers, and residential IP video gateways. Established in 1999 by the team that deployed the world's first commercial VOD service, Entone's solutions have been successfully installed at a number of the world's leading video service operators, such as Consolidated Communications, Lyse Tele, Pioneer Telephone, PCCW, and Telewest, just to name a few. Entone is a privately held company with headquarters in California and global offices in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. The company is backed by leading venture capital firms and strategic investors such as BA Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Palomar Ventures, and TANDBERG Television. For more information about Entone Technologies, go to

About Minerva Networks, Inc.

Minerva Networks, Inc., is the leading provider of open-platform, carrier-class solutions for the delivery of television services over broadband IP networks. The company's television services management software and video processing systems are integrated into complete IP Television delivery platforms. Broadband network operators worldwide use Minerva's products and services to deliver next-generation entertainment and communications applications. Minerva Networks is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and on the Internet at

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