Lumenergi Announces Launch of NetLightT Switch Scene Controller

September 20, 2011


A leading provider of networked lighting controls, Lumenergi has announced the launch of NetLight Switch, continuing its expansion of the innovative, energy saving NetLight product line. The solutions simplify implementing the broadest set of lighting control strategies, including daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and demand response to enable 50-70% energy cost savings. The NetLight product line scales easily to larger implementations, such as multi-tenant buildings and commercial and industrial campuses with modular design and leading technology.

"NetLight puts simple power into the hands of the user. Your room can quickly change from the bright lighting of an office meeting discussion, to the tiered lighting of a presentation, bathing the audience, presentation, and presenter, in different shades and levels of light," says Michael D'Amour, CEO of Lumenergi. "This new Switch is as powerful as other expensive touch screens, controlling scene selections from one convenient device for comfortable, multi-level lighting scenes."

NetLight Switch changes how occupants interact with lighting control. Its intuitive design communicates the room's current light scene selection, providing ideal lighting for classrooms, private offices, conference rooms, or other occupant controlled spaces. NetLight Switches can be installed in a multi-point arrangement within any functional space, synchronize to the current scene, and update dimming levels to the last setting. Its decorative style and logical functionality are combined with a rocker switch, slide dimmer, and four-color scene indicator, allowing lighting levels to be easily adjusted to a comfortable and energy-saving level.

Starting with pre-programmed default scenes, NetLight Switch brings subtlety and vitality to lighting arrays. Using Lumenergi's control software, NetLight Executive, it is simple to expand and update scenes to any new target light level. Within each control zone, NetLight Controller can vary lamp brightness over a continuous range from OFF to 100%.

Leveraging two-way communication capability, NetLight Controller periodically samples the measured light level in lamp zones where photo sensors are also installed. It then dynamically adjusts to photo sensors or maintains a preset lighting level. NetLight products support open standards-based protocols, and integrate with Lumenergi or other manufacturers' ballasts and sensors. Its advanced intuitive user-interface has been developed in collaboration with leading energy research laboratories and corporations.

About Lumenergi

Lumenergi ( is shaping the future of energy efficiency for commercial buildings through intelligent, network-controlled lighting management solutions. Lumenergi's team has brought deep industry experience to its NetLightT product line, recognized as the most technically complete and future-ready solution to manage commercial buildings' energy use. Lumenergi has installed large-scale lighting control solutions in commercial, state and federal buildings in California, Nevada, Texas, New York, and New Hampshire. A privately held, venture-funded company based in Newark, California, Lumenergi is one of Silicon Valley's brightest and fastest growing cleantech companies achieving up to 70% lighting energy reduction in large commercial facilities.

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