dynamicsoft Acquires Teltier Technologies

Acquisition Combines Presence Expertise to Accelerate the Delivery of Subscriber-Aware Communications Networks to Mobile Carriers.

Parsippany, NJ, November 10, 2003 -

dynamicsoft, the leading provider of carrier-class presence infrastructure for subscriber-awareT communications networks, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Teltier Technologies, a pioneer of wireless presence and availability solutions, based in Clark, NJ. The acquisition provides dynamicsoft with Teltier's patent-pending presence and availability management software as well as additional capability to deliver software solutions for subscriber-aware communications networks. With this purchase, dynamicsoft becomes the leading global provider of presence solutions, offering innovative infrastructure products that enable robust, personalized voice and data services for mobile networks. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"dynamicsoft and Teltier share a common vision about the significance of presence in next-generation communications services. Together, we lead the industry in the development and deployment of network-based presence infrastructure," said Patrick Farley, president and chief executive officer, dynamicsoft Inc. "Our combined thought and technical leadership around presence and subscriber-aware networks will accelerate the introduction of new and compelling revenue-generating communications services."

The acquisition will enable dynamicsoft to combine the best of both companies' technologies and offer the richest set of presence capabilities, interfaces and applications in the industry. While both dynamicsoft and Teltier support the presence market, their product portfolios provide very complementary capabilities. dynamicsoft has been focused on deploying carrier-class infrastructure that addresses the scalability, availability and reliability requirements of mobile and wireline carriers. Core to dynamicsoft's product suite is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the SIP extension, SIMPLE, (SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions). SIMPLE is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard, which has emerged as the leading method of standardizing presence and instant messaging.

Supporting a different approach, Teltier's presence-based solutions are based on the Presence and Availability Management (PAM) standard, a set of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that enable rapid application development and deployment in carrier networks. Teltier has concentrated on providing integration with wireless carrier network elements, such as Home Location Registers (HLR), Mobile Switching Centers (MSC), and voicemail systems, to build a set of presence-enabled applications for 2G mobile devices.

"Because both companies share the same strategic vision for presence-enabled networks and services, it was a natural step to join forces to maximize our technical expertise and experience," said Sharad Sharma, founder of Teltier Technologies. "Together we make a powerful team that will lead the industry in presence-based communications."

In a February 2003 report titled This Is Not Your Teenager's Instant Messaging, Forrester Research states that companies' ability to add revenue, improve efficiency or create new opportunities will change as presence permeates networks, applications and devices. The report, written by Charles S. Golvin, senior analyst at Forrester, notes that tomorrow's presence-enabled applications will bear as much resemblance to the first version of AOL's IM as a Handspring Treo does to an old Western Electric black phone.

Two lead investors in Teltier Technologies, St. Paul Venture Capital and NJTC Venture Fund, have now aligned themselves with dynamicsoft. Both firms focus their investments on rapidly growing companies in emerging high-technology markets. The investment by NJTC Venture Fund reinforces the strengths of New Jersey as a center of design and innovation for next-generation telecommunications networks.

"Wireless operators are racing to offer differentiated services. They understand the need to get closer to their customers to drive new revenue," stated Rod Randall, general partner of St. Paul Venture Capital specializing in wireless infrastructure in the communications technology sector. "The natural evolution of the carrier network is toward a subscriber-aware network which centralizes storage and distribution of presence data. dynamicsoft is poised to be the global leader in presence-based infrastructure and services."

About Subscriber-Aware Networks

dynamicsoft is a pioneer in subscriber-aware networks - which aggregate user's real-time status and preferences and utilize them to deliver contextually-appropriate services. These networks collect and distribute availability information about people, their desire to communicate, preferred communications device (mobile, PC or home phone), device capabilities (video, text, voice) and other dynamically changing data. Where traditional networks have been device-centric, optimizing for ease of device and network implementation, subscriber-aware networks take advantage of the advance in computing capacity to shift the focus to the user and represent a fundamentally different approach to network design.

About Teltier Technologies

Teltier is known for driving the evolution of the Presence and Availability Management market. The company develops software solutions that enable mobile technologies and applications. Teltier's Vistante platform extracts, aggregates, manages and presents availability information through standard APIs. Teltier's application suite iConnect stimulates mobile collaboration, increases voice and data traffic and immediately boosts revenue and customer loyalty for mobile network operators.

About dynamicsoft

dynamicsoft software solutions enable carriers to build subscriber-awareT communications networks. These networks drive higher revenue, increase usage and strengthen subscriber loyalty through services tailored to users' real-time communication needs. With innovative solutions ranging from cellular presence to 3G infrastructure, dynamicsoft's products transform traditional telephony into efficient, productive and interactive real-time communications. Leveraging acknowledged leadership in wireless and Internet standards bodies, dynamicsoft enables subscriber-aware services today while increasing the long-term value of our customers' networks. For more information visit www.dynamicsoft.com.

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