VMS and Celltick to launch first mass reach, idle-screen mobile media service. New media expected to significantly increase revenues

New media expected to significantly increase revenues from content downloads, and to serve as a platform for mobile advertising

VMS (MobiPhone), the largest mobile network operator in Vietnam, announced today that it is set to launch a new mobile media service powered by LiveScreenT Media from Celltick, the pioneer in Active Content Marketing. The move makes VMS the first operator in Vietnam to use the idle screen as a media channel and will target its 8.5 million subscribers. The service, due to launch later in 2007, will provide an exciting new way for customers to discover and consume content as well as boost the operator's ARPU.

The deployment of LiveScreenT Media is one of the cornerstones in VMS' commitment to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market through continual innovation. Subscriber levels across Vietnam are growing at around 85% year on year. With the increasing interest shown by overseas operators, domestic providers like VMS are looking to introduce innovative new services to appeal to current and potential customers alike.

Branded LiveInfo, VMS' service will use Celltick's LiveScreenT Media technology to turn each subscriber's mobile screen into a personal interactive billboard. This is achieved by broadcasting 'content bites' or 'teaser messages' to the idle-screen when the device is not in use.

'Teaser' messages include content such as news, sports results, celebrity gossip and weather updates. The subscriber just clicks once to reach the option menu which leads to a variety of related content on the main VMS portal. Subscribers can then view and buy premium content such as video clips, ringtones, music downloads and games, provided by VMS leading content providers in Vietnam. The entire process, from discovery to transaction, typically takes just two clicks.

LiveScreenT Media is a proven mobile marketing medium, driving increased uptake of operators' content catalogues. It is a valuable asset for operators looking to generate new revenue streams via mobile advertising, serving as the platform to enable the delivery of targeted ad-funded and sponsored messages to specific audiences.

Mr.Dunh Viet Hung, VMS Director of Marketing, said: "We have developed an attractive portfolio of mobile content and services for our subscriber base, which we see as both a key differentiator and a means of maintaining and building ARPU. MobiPhone LiveInfo will be crucial in helping subscribers discover available content, as well as making it quick and simple for them to get to the exact information they are most interested in."

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick, said: "We welcome VMS to our rapidly- expanding customer base. Competition for subscribers is fierce in Vietnam, and VMS' introduction of LiveInfo will differentiate them from other operators to help maintain their impressive subscriber growth rate. It's already been proven that LiveScreenT Media adds value to mobile subscriptions, with over 90% of people who have access, choosing to receive LiveScreen Media alerts. We look forward to seeing the impact of this deployment on VMS' subscribers."

The roll out of LiveInfo is initially planned for 200,000 subscribers and will be available to up to 1,000,000 million users during 2008. Celltick has been working closely with its partner in Vietnam, SVT to deliver this project to VMS.

About Celltick

Celltick Technologies Ltd., the pioneer of Active Content Marketing, has introduced a new medium into the mobile space. Its flagship product, LiveScreenT Media, allows content providers and advertisers to broadcast targeted content and marketing messages to millions of mobile idle screens, turning them into a network of interactive billboards, creating a strong revenue stream for operators. Celltick cooperates with mobile operators to turn their mobile screen into a powerful revenue river. The company has close relations with all network infrastructure companies, major SIM vendors, leading handset manufacturers and industry standard organisations, as well as global content providers and media agents.

Founded in 2000 and privately owned, Celltick is headquartered in the UK with offices in Russia, Singapore, India, Thailand and Brazil and R&D Centre in Israel.


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