Celltick Launches LiveScreen Media: the World's First Idle-Screen Mobile Marketing Platform

June 22, 2006

Using Celltick's proven mobile broadcast technology, LiveScreen Media delivers 'teaser' messages directly onto the phone's idle screen when - and only when - it is not in use. The teasers can take the form of sponsored content, brand campaigns or promotional messages. For example, users can select to receive news headlines, traffic reports, games, sports updates or alerts about sales. When subscribers see anything that interests them, all they have to do is click once to access associated content or services.

"Early attempts at mobile marketing have been limited by the platforms available. SMS is costly and intrusive, and the browser-based approach lacks reach and segmentation," explains Stephen Dunford, Celltick's CEO. "With LiveScreen Media we will provide users with easy access to a world of high value, yet affordable mobile content and services. It will generate traffic for the rich, yet underused, operator content offerings. At the same time it will provide advertisers and brands with a new medium to reach carefully defined audience segments and help funding the development of increasingly innovative content.

"LiveScreen Media is powered by Celltick's mobile broadcast technology, a low cost delivery method that makes the service extremely attractive for operators and marketers alike. Research indicates that it is able to deliver 1,000 impressions for 5% of the cost incurred for the same number of impressions over TV, or for 25% of the cost of online impressions .

Dusan Hamlin, Managing Director at Inside ltd, Carat's lead mobile marketing agency, commented: "Mobile is a relatively new channel for multi-media advertising and does not benefit from a high level of advertising funding yet - although this is not through a lack of demand. Our experience is that big brands recognise the potential of mobile to deliver increased user engagement through, delivery, segmentation and tracking, but are frustrated at the lack of clear market solutions. Brand owners are ready to allocate significant budget to mobile marketing, given the right ecosystem for mobile, marketing and technology expertise.

"Harry Hobson of Fathom Partners - a consulting and venturing firm focusing on the technology, media and telecoms sectors - added: "Vodafone's CEO Arun Sarin recently cited advertising as an important future revenue stream, and operators like Virgin Mobile in the US are already experimenting with some form of advertising-funded content or services."

"The potential of mobile as a marketing channel is widely recognised," he continued. "The key to realising that potential lies in marrying the needs of operators and marketers with delivering a tangible benefit to the consumer in terms of high value and non-intrusive content. That's where a technology like mobile broadcast comes into its own, making full use of the screen during a subscriber's idle time."

LiveScreen Media can control not only who receives the messages, but also when, where and how regularly. Experience has shown that teasers are most likely to engage users if they are sent at a time when subscribers are receptive to content, for instance while commuting or during lunchtime. LiveScreen Media also has a smart analysis and targeting engine which constantly collects data on user behaviour and refines the relevancy of the content and promotions delivered to them.

LiveScreen Media is based on Celltick's hugely successful content discovery service LiveScreen, which is already in use by over 25 million subscribers across 20 mobile operators worldwide.

About Celltick


Celltick Technologies is the world leader in idle screen application and mobile interactive broadcast. Millions of users around the world already use the company's products, which allow mobile operators to deliver value added service to the mass market simply and intuitively. The company is headquartered in London, has an R&D centre in Israel and offices in China, India and Russia.

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