Celltick's ramps up Asian presence with double operator win. Spice Nepal and Applifone are the latest operators to bring content promotion to the idle mobile screen, powered by Celltick's LiveScreenT Media.

12th June2007

Spice Nepal (SPNL) and Applifone Company in Cambodia have today become the latest operators to launch Celltick's Active Content Marketing platform, LiveScreenT Media.

Spice Nepal and Applifone are using Celltick's LiveScreenT Media to turn the mobile handset into a personal, targeted, billboard for content. The platform enables them to bring relevant content to subscribers' attention by streaming interactive messages across the idle-screen. This bypasses issues of search and discovery allowing subscribers to 'find and buy' content in 2 clicks rather than the industry average of 12-15. Content teaser messages are interactive and include news, sports results, TV and celebrity gossip as well as weather reports.

Both Spice Nepal and Applifone are using the service to attract new subscribers and differentiate themselves in an increasingly aggressive market. Spice Nepal, known by its MERO MOBILE brand, is focused on achieving the number one spot as leading operator in the Himalayas. Applifone, despite being a relatively new operator in Cambodia, is vying for the same position with its Star-Cell brand.

"LiveScreenT Media will enable Spice to add an additional cutting-edge service to grow its value to its subscribers, as well as build on its position as the most innovative operator in Nepal," said Damir Karassayev, the Chief Executive Officer of Applifone and the Director of Spice. He added: "In addition, at this crucial point in Applifone's development, services like LiveScreen Media are the building blocks on which we can create a similar reputation in Cambodia."

"The Asian market is one of the most competitive and it is vital that operators keep subscribers loyal with engaging and exciting new content services," commented Stephen Dunford, CEO Celltick. "While both Spice Nepal and Applifone are initially using the idle-screen as a means to promote their own content portfolios, there is a key opportunity to use the service as a mobile advertising platform moving forward. We are already seeing LiveScreen Media marketing implementations in areas such as Thailand. Asia is leading the way for rest of the world with these innovations."

About Celltick

Celltick Technologies Ltd., the pioneer of Active Content Marketing, has introduced a new medium into the mobile space. Its flagship product, LiveScreenT Media, allows content providers and advertisers to broadcast targeted content and marketing messages to millions of mobile idle screens, turning them into a network of interactive billboards, creating a strong revenue stream for operators.

Celltick cooperates with mobile operators to turn their mobile screen into a powerful revenue driver. The company has close relations with all network infrastructure companies, major SIM vendors, leading handset manufacturers and industry standard organisations, as well as global content providers and media agents.

Founded in 2000 and privately owned, Celltick is headquartered in the UK with offices in Russia, Singapore, India, Thailand and Brazil and R&D Centre in Israel.

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