Cable & Wireless to bring first-ever live mobile ticker to Caribbean; will launch 'buzz live!' platform for region, powered by Celltick LiveScreenT Media

March 29, 2007
West Indies

Cable & Wireless today announced that it has partnered with Celltick to add new mobile marketing infrastructure to its bmobile buzz portal, creating buzz live! buzz live! will use Celltick LiveScreen MediaT technology to promote content to mobile users. Beginning this summer, buzz live! will stream targeted, interactive teasers across idle mobile screens, directing subscribers to C&W's mobile content portal.

A first for the Americas & Caribbean market, buzz live! will reach subscribers across the 13 Caribbean islands served by Cable & Wireless' bmobile. buzz live! will bring content to the attention of mobile subscribers based on their existing content preferences. Content will include sport results, news, weather updates, celebrity gossip and quizzes.

With interactive teaser messages, customers will be able to reach the premium content they want in just two clicks. The 'click-through' software mechanism allows C&W to learn from individual usage and improve personalization of the service to customers over time, giving them more of what they want, and less of what they don't. Teaser messages appear silently and non-intrusively onto the mobile phone's idle screen when - and only when - it is not in use. Customers will see content updates via the ticker for free, and they'll only be charged if they decide to click for more information when something is of interest.

In order to use buzzlive! when it launches this summer, customers will need to use new buzzlive! SIM card for their phones, available free of charge from bmobile stores this Spring.

"For the last two years, our bmobile customers have nearly doubled their use of mobile content year on year. We know its something they want," explained Cable & Wireless' Chief Commercial Officer, Americas & Caribbean Paul Hamburger. "We have a history of reaching out to our customers with targeted information and offers via SMS, and it has proven to be very effective. This will be an exciting, easy new way for our customers to engage with bmobile buzz content, whether it's a new ring tone from an artiste they like, or a hurricane weather alert. Mobile is emerging as the hot new route for brands to reach consumers and we believe the idle-screen offers huge potential as a promotions platform." Hamburger concluded, "LiveScreen Media technology will provide the platform for us not only to promote content but to build our mobile marketing proposition as a whole."

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick said, "With buzz live!, Cable & Wireless is leading the way for content promotion in Latin America & the Caribbean. The service is proven to strengthen relationships between customers and content, delivering greater non-voice revenues. Add the independent revenue stream from brands and advertisers to the mix and this is an extremely compelling proposition to mobile operators."

LiveScreen Media is already in use by over 40 million subscribers across 20 mobile operators worldwide across markets including Russia, Thailand and India.

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Celltick Technologies is the world leader in idle screen application and mobile interactive broadcast. Millions of users around the world already use the company's products, which allow mobile operators to deliver value added service to the mass market simply and intuitively. The company is headquartered in London, has an R&D centre in Israel and offices in Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, India and Russia.

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