Bitfone's FusionDM Energizes the Mobile User-Experience

Industry Taps FusionDM for Enabling Mobile Internet Services

September 12, 2006
Los Angeles, CTIA Wireless IT

Bitfone Corporation (, a pioneer and a patent holder of Over-the-Air (OTA) technology for mobile phones, today announced the availability of its FusionDM solution which gives operators and manufacturers valuable real-time OTA access of subscribers' phones to reduce complexity and accelerate the adoption of advanced mobile Internet services.

FusionDM is available as either a turn-key hosted service or licensable software and gives mobile operators and manufacturers detailed insight and low-level control of their field handsets to optimize and enhance the user-experience. FusionDM's coordinated modules can be catered to meet the needs of the growing mobile market with features including diagnostics, firmware management, handset configuration, enterprise and application management. Together, these modules generate an unmatched capability for driving adoption of data services, improving quality of support, and enhancing the customer relationship.

"The innovative mobile services on the market today are only matched by the cutting-edge mobile phones which take advantage of these services," said Gene Wang, CEO of Bitfone. "Unfortunately, no matter how advanced the phones or services are, a poor user-experience will inevitably cool down even the hottest technologies. Most mobile users don't care how their phones work, they just want them to work and FusionDM ensures services are working the first time and every time."

"The user-experience is becoming increasingly important as a differentiator for both phones and mobile services," said Jim Eckels, general manager of Motorola XperienceWare. "FusionDM provides Motorola and its customers with the ideal pairing for delivering the most compelling user-experiences along with our innovative hardware designs."

Over-the-air firmware updates and configuration are critical components to delivering superior customer service and to support entertainment and information services as well as a range of advanced 3G devices. Bitfone's value is based on its comprehensive solution, support, and innovation in the device management market.

FusionDM raises the bar for comprehensive devices management with extensive refinements in workflow and boasts the following features:

Configurable Analytics Engine: FusionDM enables fast and precise diagnostics of device related issues combining direct device profiling and a rules engine. OMA-DM 1.2 Support: FusionDM supports the latest industry standards including OMA-DM 1.2 and FUMO 1.0. Intelligent Policy Management: FusionDM simplifies the operational challenges and improves usability with a fully automated selection of updates and parameter settings based on subscriber and device dependencies. Advanced Interoperability Framework: FusionDM resolves the most challenging problems with device interoperability using multiple layers of device abstraction and mapping.

More information concerning Bitfone's FusionDM is available at:

About Bitfone Corporation

Bitfone Corporation is an innovative global software and services company focused on maximizing the mobile experience for subscribers, operators, and OEMs. Bitfone's innovative and patent-protected solutions provide the essential mobile foundation enabling valuable real-time access to the mobile device to enhance wireless services and promote widespread adoption. Bitfone is a private company headquartered in Laguna Niguel, California, with offices in Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and the UK. For more information, visit

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