About Noventi Ventures


Noventi Ventures was founded in 2002 by Giacomo Marini to manage early-stage technology venture capital funds and private investment vehicles.


We started by managing CIR Ventures, our first fund, sponsored by CIR Group, a European publicly traded conglomerate and part of the De Benedetti Group.

In 2006 we launched our second fund, with Sorgenia, a CIR subsidiary, as the anchor investor and with other strategic and financial investors.

We invest in emerging growth companies, primarily in tehnology. We have made investments in areas such as software for wireless and enterprise, video over IP, consumer electronics and cleantech.


Noventi Name and Logo

In 2006 we changed our name to Noventi. The name indicates both "novus," denoting innovation, the fundamental ingredient of a technology startup, and "venture," an undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of an uncertain outcome; a business enterprise involving risk in expectation of gain.

We believe our logo suggests an energetic and dynamic mindset, while at the same time promoting wise and confident decisions; yet not afraid to take risks and to be different.

The logo was designed by Timothy Wilkinson, the designer of the 1988 Logitech logo that set a provocative new direction for branding in the computer industry.


Noventi Funds

CIR Ventures, 2002-2015

Noventi Ventures II, 2006-2015

Noventi Ventures, 1995-present


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