Program Results in Substantial Enhancements to Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Preparation for Volume Manufacturing

March 18, 2009
RENO, Nevada

Mariah Power, a wind technology company and producer of Windspire vertical axis wind turbines, today announced the conclusion of its 100 Unit Field Program which closely monitored the performance of 100 Windspire wind turbines in a variety of installation locations across the country. The Unit Field Program, that has been taking place since June 2008, led to several enhancements of the Windspire wind turbine. The product upgrades increase quality and reduce cost per unit of the wind turbine prior to its volume manufacturing at MasTech Manufacturing in Manistee, Michigan, scheduled to begin later this month.

Improvements to the Windspire wind turbine focused on increasing its longevity and rectifying design problems found with initial units, as well as upgrading exterior finish products. The Windspire inverter has also undergone several design upgrades, designed to maximize reliability and power output and solidify safety features. All existing Windspires will be retrofitted with this version free of charge once complete. For specific information on the various upgrades, please visit

"We have always been committed to testing our technology in order to get the best possible product to market," said Mike Hess, CEO of Mariah Power, "The 100 Unit Field Program brought issues to our attention that needed to be addressed, and as a result, we have made major upgrades to our Windspire units, which mean a better product for our customers. We continue to see the value in conducting ongoing testing and are therefore maintaining existing programs while we seek to expand our formal test program."

Partnering with MasTech Manufacturing, Mariah Power has also made improvements to the quality of manufacturing to consistently deliver product at or exceeding specifications in the volume manufacturing setting. To ensure quality control during the transition from design into manufacturing, Mariah Power has adopted an ERP system, a CAM system for direct conversion of CAD designs to machine language, and a barcode system that identifies correct part number and revision level to validate inventory versus design match.

Mariah Power continues with formal testing at Windward Engineering in Utah and is in the process of securing other independent test sites, including the North Carolina Small Wind Energy Research and Demonstration Site at Appalachian State University. Mariah Power has also started ICC (International Code Council) testing of the Windspire.

All new upgrades are available to customers at no cost to them through Mariah Power dealers. A 5-year limited warranty is included with the purchase of all Windspires. "Mariah Power is committed to selling quality wind turbines. Providing free upgrades to early customers, very simply, makes good business sense," continued Hess.

About Mariah Power

Based in Reno, Nevada, Mariah Power provides low-cost, low-noise, attractive wind power appliances for use with residential, business, and commercial buildings. The company's patented technology maximizes energy conversion from wind into electric power, regardless of changing wind speed and direction. The company's first vertical axis Windspire® wind turbine, is manfucatured in the U.S. and is now available for shipment. For more information, visit

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