MerciNat SARL of France Installs Europe's First Windspire Wind Turbines at Dealership in Missillac and at Official Testing Site in Narbonne, Setting Stage for Wider Distribution

February 24, 2009
RENO, Nevada

Mariah Power, manufacturer of the Windspire, a residential and commercial wind power appliance, today announced the Windspire's European debut in partnership with MerciNat SARL, a dealer of smart renewable energy solutions in Missillac, French Brittany. Two Windspire wind turbines were installed earlier this month and are currently providing power to the company's dealership along a busy freeway serving residents and industries of the windy Brittany region. The EDF (France's national electricity grid) has also recognized the potential of the Windspire and is now conducting testing at the SEPEN official test site in Narbonne, France, which will allow for faster adoption across France.

The Windspire is a 9.1 meter tall, propeller-free, vertical-axis wind turbine designed for harnessing wind power in urban, suburban and rural locations. The unit's powerful, aesthetically pleasing design enables it to blend in well with a variety of settings, making it an ideal renewable energy option for home and business owners. The affordable cost of the system and its noise-free operation render it an economical choice for consumers, appropriate for locations close to where people live and work. Windspire produces about 2000 kWh of electricity in average wind speeds of 19km/h, enough to power a significant percentage of the average French home's energy expenditures, and its internal wireless modem allows customers to check Windspire's power production at any time. As most houses in Europe are being fitted with electric heaters and more recently with heat pumps, electricity from wind power is an ideal candidate for significantly reducing the energy bill. Mariah Power expects Europe to be a large market for the Windspire wind turbines.

"The high percentage of houses heated by electricity in Europe makes the Windspire a terrific product for those who live in regions with wind," said Mike Hess, CEO of Mariah Power, manufacturer of Windspire. "Working with MerciNat, who has a strong presence in the French market as a quality dealer, will allow us to build upon the great momentum we have experienced in the United States. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with MerciNat and an expanded presence in France."

As residential lands in France are smaller with narrower access than in the U.S., MerciNat is utilizing compact and agile American-made machinery to help expedite the Windspire wind turbine installations, including Bobcat front loaders, augers/trenchers from, hydraulic pole setters from, Scoop-N-Mix concrete mixer and other landscaping hydraulic accessories.

"As France has the second best wind potential in Europe, after the UK, Windspire presents many opportunities with the product's patent protected advanced technology, on-board intelligence, quietness, quick installation, affordability, durability and money saving potential," said Thierry Brunet de Courssou, general manager and founder, MerciNat SARL. "We are expecting a strong response from consumers and business owners, as we have already received positive feedback to the units in Missillac and Narbonne. Business partners observing the efficiency of our unique field operation strategy are confident that we will rapidly ramp up to match the success already encountered in USA."

About MerciNat SARL

MerciNat is committed to bringing affordable smart residential energy solutions to home owners and small business owners allowing them to harvest the free energy available on their property and manage energy usage wisely via a smart domestic grid. MerciNat sees huge value in leveraging the recently announced Google PowerMeter initiative with the data acquired directly from the Windspire turbine onboard computer for stimulating wide adoption of residential wind power harvesting by making the benefits instantly, intelligently and widely available to others via Internet. Mercinat has strong partnerships in place throughout France for rapidly and economically installing and maintaining a large deployment of smart residential wind turbines.

About Windspire

Windspire is a low-cost, low-noise, attractive wind power appliance for use with residential, business, and commercial buildings. Manufactured entirely in the U.S. by Mariah Power, Windspire is a 30-foot tall, propeller-free, vertical-axis wind turbine designed for harnessing wind power in urban, suburban and rural locations. Windspire's patented technology maximizes energy conversion from wind into electric power, regardless of changing wind speed and direction. For more information, visit

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