Integration between Minerva's fourth generation client software and Sigma Designs' IPTV set-top box stack eliminates need for third-party software components. Wistron NeWeb Corporation first to market with cost effective, high-performance set-top box featuring Sigma Designs SMP8654 processor and Minerva iTVManager client software.

November 4, 2009
Alviso, CA

Minerva Networks, the leading provider of open solutions for the delivery of television services to IP connected devices, today unveiled enhancements to its client software platform that drastically reduce the effort required to deploy set-top boxes based on Sigma Design's next-generation devices.

Minerva and Sigma Designs have been working closely together to integrate their environments so that no third-party software components are needed to build a high-performance set-top box based on the companies' complementary technologies. The tight integration between Minerva's client software and Sigma Designs' devices enables hardware manufactures to minimize development expenses and deliver cost-effective next-generation set-top boxes in a timely fashion.

"We have extended our client software to include critical components that previously had to be supplied by set-top box vendors," stated Jean-Georges Fritsch, CTO & COO of Minerva Networks. "Close integration between Minerva's client middleware and Sigma Designs' set-top box software stack results in higher performance and reliability."

"In collaboration with Minerva, we have closed the gap between our software environments," stated Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing at Sigma Designs. "We expect many equipment manufacturers to take advantage of this new development to bring to market highperformance, cost-effective solutions."

Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), a leading Taiwanese manufacturer, will be first-to-market with a set-top box featuring the newly integrated solution.

"We are very pleased to be first-to-market with a cost-effective, next-generation IPTV set-top box based on Minerva's and Sigma Designs' technologies," stated Johnson Hsu, Head of Digital Home BU at WNC. "The compelling price and performance benchmark we are setting will help drive the growth of the IPTV market."

The WNC set-top box will be generally available in the first quarter of 2010.

The Minerva ecosystem continues to grow as new vendors enter the market and existing suppliers release new products. Minerva's expanded ecosystem gives operators more choices as they can select partners that more closely align with their specific requirements.

About Minerva Networks

Minerva Networks is the leading independent provider of open-platform solutions for the delivery of television services to IP-connected devices. More than 180 network operators worldwide use Minerva solutions to deliver next-generation entertainment and communications services. Minerva Networks is headquartered in Alviso, CA. For more information, visit www.minervanetworks.com.

About Sigma Designs

Sigma Designs is a leading fabless provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions that are used to deliver multimedia entertainment throughout the home. Sigma's SoC solutions combine media processing, image processing, media communication, and content security into highly integrated semiconductors and software stacks to form critical components of high-growth consumer applications including IPTV-based set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, HDTVs, entertainment connectivity devices, and RF-based home control devices. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., Sigma Designs also has design centers or sales representatives in Canada, China, Denmark, France, Japan, Korea (third party), Singapore, and Taiwan. For more information, please visit Sigma Designs' web site at www.sigmadesigns.com.

About Wistron NeWeb Corporation

Wistron NeWeb Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced wireless communications. With strong R&D and high volume production capabilities, WNC has consistently introduced innovative technologies covering a wide range of products, DBS outdoor unit, satellite/HD radio, networking devices (802.11a/b/g/n AP, router, switch, client products, UWB devices and VoWireless phones), IPTV Set-top Box, digital home applications, mobile phones, automotive electronics, and Digital TV/GPS/Mobile Phone/LDS-Processed antennas. WNC's mission is to provide its worldwide customers and partners superior wireless communication products through premium ODM/OEM design and manufacturing services. In addition, WNC also provides world class logistics and after-sales services worldwide. For more information, visit www.wneweb.com.

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