January 22, 2010
Newark, CA

Lumenergi, a leading provider of advanced, networked lighting systems, today is proud to announce the addition of Peter M. Schwartz as Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Schwartz is an internationally recognized expert in energy efficiency and building technologies. He will be integral in shaping the future of energy efficiency in the Smart Grid era by accelerating the deployment of Lumenergi's innovative, dynamic lighting control solutions.

"Peter's decision to join Lumenergi further confirms that we have the best technology on the market. He is one of the most respected industry experts, with 30 years of experience in the energy and utility fields, and has long been at the forefront of energy efficiency," said Michael D'Amour, Lumenergi CEO. "With Peter on our team, Lumenergi will play a transformative role in achieving higher efficiency for the world's built environment."

Mr. Schwartz spent the prior 12 years as president of an energy-consulting firm, Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC, which specialized in large energy infrastructure projects, strategic energy planning, and sustainable project development. He is the former Founding Board President of the New Buildings Institute (NBI), where he focused on promoting advanced building energy technologies. At LAS & Associates, Inc., he managed demand-side and supply-side energy projects with over $500 million in total value. He was Director of Business Energy Management with Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) $76 million Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs.

Over the past three decades, Mr. Schwartz has been involved in promoting numerous new efficient lighting technologies, and has worked closely with leading organizations such as the Department of Energy, California Lighting Technology Center, California Energy Commission and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. During this time, he also played an important part in advancing energy codes and standards, such as Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). "Lighting is widely recognized as an untapped energy-efficiency resource and an integral end use for customers who wish to effectively connect to the utilities' Smart Grid and implement Demand Response strategies. What drew me to Lumenergi is its technology's innovative and cost-effective approach to enabling dynamic building control and deep energy savings, while improving personal lighting control and comfort. This is a key component in creating highly efficient, net-zero energy buildings," said Mr. Schwartz. "I'm excited to make a direct and immediate impact on our customers' energy efficiency by implementing Lumenergi's technology throughout our vast pipeline of projects."

Mr. Schwartz received his bachelor's degree in environmental physics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, specializing in technology assessment, energy policy and environmental politics. He also has a master's degree in environmental planning from Arizona State University, specializing in building energy technology and analysis.

About LUMEnergi

Lumenergi designs and manufactures the industry's most cost-effective and advanced dimming electronic ballasts and intelligent, network-controlled lighting management systems. The company's products help building owners significantly improve their bottom line with 50 to 70 percent energy savings. Lumenergi incorporates innovative lighting strategies including daylight harvesting, scheduling, task tuning, occupancy sensing, and the most comprehensive demand response and load shedding system available. Lumenergi solutions reduce maintenance costs, enable smarter energy management through real-time monitoring and control, and hedge against increasing electricity rates and efficiency standards.

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