NTT DOCOMO Euro-Labs First Operator to Create Value-Added Services with Framework

January 1, 2010
Cupertino, California, USA

Ecrio, whose client software enables communications-rich IP opportunities, today unveiled the industry-first FastTrackTM client framework, a mobile solution that lets developers quickly tap rich IP communications, such as IP Messaging, VoIP, Video Share and Presence, with applications written in Java, Flash and other popular environments. Unlike alternative "solutions", developers now can bypass complex coding in 'C' and other heavyweight languages; tracking evolving standards for SIP/IMS and IP communications; and dealing with other obstacles which have slowed mass operator deployment of rich IP communications.

Key to the new framework is the Ecrio ApplicatorTM interface, which provides access to a simple developer command set for rich IP communications. Developers who wish to add rich communications to an application - for example, chat capabilities for multi-player gaming, or live video for mobile social networks - simply add commands for those functions using their existing tools and application run-time environments. The FastTrack framework takes on the 'heavy lifting', handling the IP communications and ensuring interoperability with the telecom infrastructure for the application. Prior to the introduction of the FastTrack framework, developers writing in Java, Flash etc. had no practical means to leverage rich IP calling, video and IP messaging. FastTrack can be used on a variety of devices including mobile phones, PC's, MIDS, and IPTV.

Munich-based NTT DOCOMO Euro-Labs has reached an agreement with Ecrio to adopt Ecrio's new FastTrackTM client framework for mobile service validation. DOCOMO Euro-Labs will use the FastTrack Application Development SDK to quickly develop and test concept applications for a variety of rich communication services on mobile and PC devices.

The president of DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Dr. Masami Yabusaki, said "DOCOMO Euro-Labs is charged with staying at the forefront of mobile services. We do so by inventing and validating the merits of dozens of new value-added services, well before they are presented to NTT DOCOMO or affiliates. Ecrio's FastTrack framework handles the complex messaging and calling unique to rich IP services, speeding our efforts to meet customer needs with new, compelling services."

As one indicator that the FastTrack framework may herald a whole new way to quickly deploy these rich IP services, the concept has been endorsed by leaders in the mobile ecosystem including Alcatel-Lucent, which provides a RCS reference solution. Gani Nayak, senior vice president of Alcatel-Lucent's Interactive Media and Communications Business, said "The industry has been looking for creative ways to accelerate the uptake of data-rich IP applications that take advantage of network assets including IP messaging and calling. Ecrio's FastTrack, which interoperates with the Alcatel-Lucent IMS solution, offers a unique way to expose a robust set of capabilities which developers can use to build compelling applications that tap rich communications. All the parties in the ecosystem can focus on what they do best - with the consumer benefitting from exciting new products and services."

"A combination of Ecrio's experience and innovation led us to this breakthrough," stated Ecrio founder and CEO Nagesh Challa. "Having enabled over 40 million SIP/IMS-powered phones for customers such as NTT DoCoMo, we know how painful it is to adapt applications for rich IP communications across multiple handsets, operating systems and networks. We crystallized our knowledge and experience within the FastTrack framework, freeing developers worldwide from the rigorous work we had to do. Several major operators already have expressed interest in FastTrack; we look forward to additional announcements in the months ahead."

Ecrio's FastTrack framework and Applicator will be publicly unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, from Feb. 15 - 18, 2010. Personal demonstrations of applications using the FastTrack framework will be available by appointment. Interested parties may contact:

About Ecrio

Ecrio is the leading supplier of real-time communication and commerce client software solutions for the mobile industry. The Company's communications solutions include device software products for rich media and IP communications. The company's mobile commerce solutions include electronic payment and redemption solutions. Ecrio was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Cupertino, California USA with R&D and support centers in Cupertino, Japan, Korea, and India. The company is privately held with external funding provided by leading investment firms and leading companies including NTT DOCOMO and Visa, Inc.

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